Our Common Sense Policy

In choosing www.DotComMe.co.uk you are using a company with common sense!
We like to think we are fair, we know our prices are extremely competitive, and the service we provide is nothing short of excellent.
Whether you are renting a website off us, or simply buying one, we want it to be as you want it; we won’t restrict the number of pages you want and we certainly will not charge you for a contact page (unlike most other companies!).
If you are renting your website from us, or have bought one less than a year ago, we will amend your site for free, within reason. We wont completely redesign your website, but we will update your contact details, add a new logo or amend any prices you show.
The size and complexity of your website is again governed by common sense; if you are expecting a BBC style website that will rival Amazon, then we really aren’t the website designer for you as you will be disappointed! But it you are wanting a simple website, that is clean, professional and easy to use, then congratulations, you have just hit the jackpot!

What to expect from us

- A friendly personal service
- A website that typically has 1 to 10 pages
- We always include a contact page (if you want one!)
- Free email addresses
- Work with you with the layout and presentation of your website

If you are wanting a little more than we are willing to offer, we will talk to you and perhaps come to an agreement about the price, or give you the details of a more suitable company who are more suited to your needs.
The Number 1 priority for us is that you are 100% happy with your website, even if somebody else provides it!
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