Want an online shop?

Here at www.dotcomme.co.uk we believe we have come up with a revolutionary way for you to open your online shop with very little risk to you!

We will do all the initial work for you, substantially reducing your costs and ultimately reducing your risks and helping you concentrate your resources on running and advertising your new shop.

So here's the deal!

Your Job!
- Provide us with all your stock details.
- Make sure the website is correct.
- Run the practical side of your shop.
- Advertise your Shop
Our Job!
- Setup The Website
- Update it to your instructions.
- Run the Technical side of your shop.
- Register you with Google
So What's the catch?!!?

There are 3!

Firstly, you have to have a Google Checkout or a Paypal account, which is actually a good thing! Google and Paypal charge very little for handling online payments.
Click here for full details.

Secondly, we will charge our Standard £12.50 subscription, like our rental Service.

And finally, we will charge 5% commission on your sales, for example....

If your shop sells £100 in a week, we will charge you £5.
If your shop sells £1000 in a week, we will charge you £50.

However, your monthly cost will be capped at £137.50 per month, so if you sell £10,000 worth of goods in a month, you will only be charged £137.50 (plus £12.50 Standard Charge)!

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