Professional email Addresses for only £3.50 per month.

Want More?

Each additional email address with your same domain only
£1.25 each!

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Don’t want a website, but want a professional email address?

For just £3.50 a month, we will set everything up you will need for your own personalised email address, including…..

Domain Name Registration
Annual Domain Subscription Charges
Inbox Set up
Out Box Set up
Compatible with iPhone

Want more than 1 email address?

No problem!!

For just £1.25 a month for each additional email address, we can set up as many accounts as you like! (as long as they use the same domain name!!)

Why have a new email address?

Can you spot the difference between the 3 email address below?

The first 2 are free email addresses you can typically get with your Internet provider, or free online web accounts, which work fine, but look at little unprofessional!

The last example is a unique address for your company and projects a more trust worthy and professional image.

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