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  • What do I need to make a website?
    You need a domain name, a Host, somebody to create the site and some content. Luckily, this is all included as standard with! Back to Top!
  • What is a Domain Name?
    A domain name is the name, or the URL address of your website. This is a unique address to direct people to your website.
    You have to register your domain name with an agent and pay a yearly subscription in order to keep it live.
    This is all included in the service!
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  • What is a Host?
    A host is where your website lives!
    A host is always switched on and is accessible to everybody.... this service is not free. Different host providers give different levels of service and have different ranges of reliability. Our host guarantees 99.9% up time (basically is it always available) and provides up to 200gb per month of traffic.
    Hosting is or course all included if you choose to go with
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  • I want a website, what now?
    Fill in the contact page, ring or write us a letter, we will contact you and start the ball rolling.

    If you are local, we will come and see you and discuss your website and what you want included, if not, we will talk over the phone.

    First things first.... We willl organise your domain name, please be aware we can only register new domain names, if somebody has already registered it, we cannot use it!

    Set up fees are £40, unless, that is you have taken advantage of our offer on the home page!
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  • How do I pay?
    We will send you an email every 3 months that has a simple link on it, just follow the instructions. You will need a Google Checkout account, which excepts Visa, Mastercard, etc. etc...!! Setting up an account is painless and more importantly, free! Back to Top!
  • What content do I need?
    Anything you have!
    You need an idea of what you want to include on your website, typically a home page, a page about your service and a contact page.
    You will also need some graphics like your company logo, perhaps a photo of your van or premises, don't worry if you don't have any, we can help you!
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  • Word of mouth
    We will reward you for recommending our service to anybody you know. This offer is unlimited; as far as we are concerned, the more the merrier!!
    You will receive 1 months free subscription for each recommendation.
    Please make sure your friend tells us you recommended them at our first meeting!!
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  • How often can the website be updated?
    There is no real answer to this question!!..... We don't mind minor changes every so often. Its a question of common sense and remembering the service we provide!
    If you have regular stock changes you want to update, then we can come to some arrangement on an individual basis.
    We want to help you as much as possible, but if we feel you want a little more than we are willing to offer, we will happily recommend you to a website service that will better cater for your needs.
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  • How big can my website be?
    There is no real answer to that!
    Unlike most website providers, we do not ration your pages, it all depends on what you want to show.
    Most websites we do tend to be between 3 and 7 pages. Exceptions will be evaluated on an individual basis. We like to think common sense will prevail!!
    We provide a service for simple websites, if you want a little more than that, we really aren't the people to help you!
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  • Do the prices in VAT?
  • How to cancel?
    Simple. Just send us an email and we will close your website. You will get a refund for any full months subscription you have paid. Back to Top!
  • If I cancel, do I keep the website?

    The website will always remain the property of That is the only way we are able to offer such a great service for such a low monthly price.
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